Sunday, April 24, 2016

Tanna Custom Dance (with tourists...)‏

Video I took of a Custom Dance on Tanna
 I've danced too, but with the real custom dance, not the one for tourists. Really the only difference is that everyone wears their normal clothes and there's a lot more people, getting a lot more into it because they are dancing for fun, not for tourists. It's fun. I hear the custom dances on Malekula are different though. I wonder if I'll be able to have a chance to see them.

 A small green snake that looks like a python, and apparently it can 'fly'. The Ni-Vans tell me it hooks it's tail to a branch, then begins to swing, gaining momentum until it lets go and jumps to another tree.  My companion saw it off the side of a path while walking.

A couple of pictures from Malekula

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