Sunday, April 17, 2016


I've been in Malekula for a week now, and everything is going much better, now that I'm getting used to everything. I like my companion a lot, and the mission work is going well.  The areas that I work in is villages like Tanna, but where I live, there's a full store, where I can get everything I need.  We work in three areas: Pinalum, Norsup, and Lambubu (but we can't go to Lambubu until the district leader's new truck gets sent to Malekula, because the area's so far away).   The church is smaller here, and we don't have as many investigators, but there are more less active and recent converts here. We had church in a large straw hut yesterday (Sunday) and there were 14 people. Including us missionaries and the prospective missionary.  My companion conducted and presided, and the prospective and I blessed and passed the sacrament. It was pretty different, but it wasn't bad.

There isn't much else to add for this week.

Elder Van Wagenen

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