Monday, November 9, 2015

Tanna update

Tanna is so dusty.  You wouldn't expect that from a tropical island, but that is how it is, probably both from the cyclone and drought.  The food here is different, but most of it is good.  There are these 'breakfast crackers' everyone eats, and they are literally extra thick saltine crackers, without the salt.  I don't like them, but it's really all we can get for breakfast.  The most common meal we eat is a mix of noodles and chicken on top of rice.  They give me so much that the food is a pile that covers the entire plate, and I can't finish it.

I flew to Tanna, and the airport is very different from anything I have ever seen.  There is no security.  There is a max weight limit for each person, and the scale you normally put your luggage on is for both you and your luggage.  The airline, Air Vanuatu, uses mostly 18 seat airplanes that are almost the size of a car.

We have a family home evening family that we meet with for FHE.  Tonight, I give the lesson.  They are a great family.

Elder Van Wagenen

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