Sunday, November 8, 2015

Tanna No Caveman

Tanna has internet! I can send emails!

My P day has finally settled on Monday, so I get another today.  Tanna is extremely different from Efate, Port Vila.  The largest town is one dirt road, with shops on one side and ocean on the other.  Water only runs from 6 am to 10 am each day, so that is when we have to shower and collect the days water.  There are no washing machines, so all laundry must be done by hand.

The people are even nicer and happier than in Vanuatu, but almost no one speaks English.  Everyone speaks Bislama, so I can't do anything until I learn the language.  I am learning faster than I thought, and in one day I've already learned more Bislama than two years of high school Spanish...

That's about all for now, as I just had a *P day two days ago.

Elder Van Wagenen

(Mom's note: *P day = Preparation day.  The day for missionaries to do chores like laundry, shopping, and other activities like write home, go sight seeing, play sports, etc.)

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