Monday, November 23, 2015

Finally back!

I'm really sorry that I couldn't write home last pday.  I did not have a computer.  The island may have some access to the internet, but missionaries do not always have access to the computers, as we have to try to borrow one from a person or company each week.  I know yesterday was pday for me, and I missed getting a computer again, but we can write home today because we have a computer and the car is getting the tires replaced, which should take a couple hours.  We can email until then.

I will be trying to send letters, but I do not know if any will arrive, because this is a third world country and mail to the US often doesn't reach it's destination, I've heard.

Tanna is roughly 40 km by 80 km, I don't know how that converts to miles.  There are 5 branches in Tanna, and each has about 100-150 members.  My companion is Elder Tauraa, from Tahiti,and  the district leader of Tanna, and we are the only companionship in the district with a vehicle, this old Land Cruiser.  There are 6 missionaries in Tanna, myself, Elders Tauraa, Dafolo, and Ngateau, and Sisters Norton and Lape.

I live in a house, not a hut, but occasionally my companion and I go to outer villages and sleep in huts there.  Some of the villages live close to the volcano, which is apparently the longest active volcano in the world.  I went on an exchange with Elder Ngateau in Saet Siwi, which is the closest proselyting area to the volcano.  We couldn't go outside very much, because the ash from the volcano was ruining our white shirts  But that's ok, it was one of my 5 long-sleeve white shirts, which I will never wear again.  I only needed long-sleeve shirts for baptisms, and I haven't worn any of the other 4.  But that also means I only have 5 short-sleeve shirts for the week, before I can do laundry again.

I can send some pictures with this computer!!  I had to lower the quality so the internet could upload them, but I think they should still be ok.

Transfers are by 12 seater planes, regardless of which island you go to.  I've only used one to come to Tanna, but I'll use one again to go up to Efate (Port Vila) for zone conference December 8-9.

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