Sunday, July 17, 2016

Malekula Bakegen

I'm still chilling in Malekula.  This week has been pretty slow again.  The trip to Santo threw off all our momentum here, and we've spent the whole week trying to get it back.  Out of the 32 lessons we tried to teach we only got 9.  But anyway, Vanuatu's Independence Day is coming up and everyone is busy getting ready for it in two weeks.  We probably won't get much done for the next month.

Some of the members decided to 'turn our hair', and we decided to let them.  Well, that's about all for this last week, altough we found some old baptismal records that are unrecorded that we're taking care of.  That's what happens when there's area that have been closed for almost a year that are included in my area.  That's about it though.

Elder Van Wagenen

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