Monday, July 11, 2016

Another Week

Hey, we went to Santo again last week.  We left on Wednesday and came back Sunday, and the training we went to was only one day.  We were stuck in Santo for the whole week because that was the only time flights went to and from Malekula.  Half the week we followed the zone leaders, and the other half we stayed in a missionary house in a closed area, so there was no work to do.  It was pretty boring.  We didn't get any teaching done in our own area, because we had no appointments set, because we've been gone.  I didn't get a chance to email yesterday, because the internet wasn't working.  it still isn't.  I'm in  a school emailing, and I can't send any pictures.  and it's a lot cheaper to come here, so we may just choose the school more often.

Elder Van Wagenen

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