Sunday, June 19, 2016


Elder Crowell my new companion

The transfer call came a day early, on Friday instead of Saturday.  I've been transferred to Litzlitz, another area in Malekula.  One of the other areas, Lowni is closed so there are only two areas, with four missionaries on the island and in the district.  I'm the district leader.  My area's going to be great.  We have three small islands we will be boating to as a part of the area we work in.  My companion's name is Elder Crowell.  He's from Washington state, and he goes home in two transfers, so I'll probably be his companion until he leaves.  He was an AP for 7 months.  I think it'll be interesting to see what happens for the next couple weeks.  It'll be different having an American companion for an extended time.  I'm really excited.

Elder Van Wagenen

PS 'Football' is the largest sport in the world here. (Soccer)  I think it's even bigger here than American football back home.

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