Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Russians in the Basement

Hey! Wow, It's been an entire week!

Well, to answer your questions, I can only answer emails on p day, which is Wednesday at the MTC, but we leave for Vanuatu at noon on Sunday, so I don't know when I'll email next.  We are the only three elders in our travel group, but our group also consists of three sister missionaries, none of which are in our MTC zone.  My companions are from Eagle Mountain and Kaysville, both in Utah.  We will be learning Bislama when we reach Vanuatu, and it takes about 2-3 months for missionaries to learn it.  I haven't met anyone I already know, but all of us in my district are already good friends.  

A typical day? We are teaching three investigators, one we are meeting this afternoon, and we study for them throughout the entire morning. after lunch, we take lessons on how to teach missionary lessons and actually teach our investigators.  

I was in the MTC choir, and participated in yesterdays devotional by Neil L. Anderson, which was broadcast from the Provo MTC to the other MTCs throughout the world.  

I can't figure out how to send pictures on the MTC computers, but I'm in the computer lab for another 45 min, so I'll keep trying.  I forgot my camera charger.  It still has full battery, but I will need it.  I think it's by the laptop on the counter, or it's near the right side of my desk, either on the desk or on the ground.

Over all, the MTC has given me a bit of a spiritual culture shock, because of how powerful the Spirit is here, and what I'm learning.  This is certainly the best week of my life, and I'm still in the MTC!  I'm so excited for my investigators, seeing them come to feel the Spirit, even though they are mostly recent converts playing themselves pre-baptism.

Next time I talk to you after today, I'll be in Vanuatu.

PS. Who is getting these emails?
PPS. There are Russians in the basement floor of our building.  I can't understand them, but they sound happy.

There isn't any way for me to send pictures right now, because the sd slot in the computer is broken from being used by so many missionaries, but I can probably send them at the mission home from Vanuatu.

So far, I have pictures of my district (there are seven of us, all elders, 2 going to Colorado Springs, 2 to Hawaii, and us), my name tag, my travel plan, the elders in my zone, the Provo temple, and the sisters in my zone.

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